Harissa Paste

Harissa is a popular North African hot chilli paste generally made from a mix of smoky, roasted red peppers, hot chilli peppers, garlic, spices such as coriander and caraway seeds and olive oil.


Melba Toast

Melba toast is completely dry, crisp, thinly sliced, toasted bread and most often served with soup or pâté. History has it that the name was given to the toast by the world’s most famous hotel manager César Ritz. Melba toast was created by his equally famous chef Auguste Escoffier for the Australian opera singer Dame Nellie Melba, around 1897.

Ground Paprika


The distinctively coloured Paprika is ground from dried Capsicum peppers and is often smoked giving a rich, earthy flavour. Paprika ranges from the mild, sweet and smoky to quite hot and very pungent. Paprika is used in Spanish, where it is known as pimentón, as an ingredient in Chorizo, in North African and Indian cooking but is most famously identified with Hungarian goulash

Fruit Jelly


Today's commercial manufactured gelatine is often made from pork bones so be careful of any dietary restrictions. As home cooks the most commonly available form of gelatine is sachets of dried powder or granules. Leaf gelatine is used by most commercial chefs because it generally results in a smooth, clearer consistency and comes in three quality grades bronze, silver, and gold.