Fry Sauce

Fry SauceFry sauce is an American cold sauce served with French fries. It is usually a simple combination of one part ketchup and two parts mayonnaise, although barbecue sauce can be substituted for the ketchup. Fry sauce is a simple derivative of Thousand Island dressing or Rémoulade and is a very popular condiment in Utah and Idaho and the Pacific West. The Utah-based Arctic Circle restaurant chain claims to have invented fry sauce around 1948 and it is now served in many local and chain restaurants as well as being available in supermarkets.

Regional varieties –

Salsa golf or golf sauce is a popular dressing for fries, burgers, and steak sandwiches in Argentina. According to tradition, the sauce was invented by Nobel laureate and restaurant patron Luis Federico Leloir at the Golf Club in Mar del Plata, Argentina, during the mid-1920s. It is flavoured with oregano and hot paprika.

Rosé sauce, equal parts mayonnaise and ketchup, sometimes with hot sauce added is served alongside the traditional ketchup and mustard with fries and onion rings in Brazil.

Salsa Rosada (pink sauce) is the Costa Rican condiment served with a cabbage salad.

Cocktailsaus or sauce cocktail is made in Belgium with the addition of some paprika or whisky.

Sauce américaine is served particularly in many Turkish restaurants and some fast-food chains in France.

Rot Weiss is a German product sold in toothpaste-style tubes, and consists of ketchup and mayonnaise, while Fry sauce or Pommes-Soße is a lightly spiced mayonnaise.

Burger sauce in the UK often is spiced with added mustard.


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