Tofu or bean curd is made from soy milk. In a process similar to making cheese it is first made into curds which are pressed into blocks. The finished product has a soft yielding texture and is quite bland in taste but is often used in really highly-flavoured dishes such as Mapo tofu or accompanied with pickles, soy sauce, and chillies. Tofu can be stuffed, added to soups like miso, deep-fried or even served as a dessert.

Sliced Tofu

There are several types of tofu the texture dependent on how much water is extracted when the curds are pressed ranging from the creamy Japanese style silken tofu through to super firm which has the texture of meat. You can buy tofu ready seasoned, smoked or pre-cooked which is seasoned and often flavoured. In China tofu has been made for over 200 years and Tofu is also is eaten in Japan, Indonesia and across South Asia. Tofu is low in calories, a good source of protein and is high in dietary iron and calcium.


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