Protected Designation of Origin

UK Protected Designation of Origin

Protected designation of origin ( PDO ) is legislation used in the European Union and the UK to protect food and drink made or grown in specific geographical areas and using local ingredients and classic recipes and techniques. Protected designation of origins may be assigned to wines such as champagne and beers, fruits, vegetables like Jersey royals, hams, sausages, and cheeses such as feta. The regulations for protected designation of origin are stricter and more locally focused than a Protected Geographical Indication.

UK Protected Designation of Origin Products include the following –

Gower Salt Marsh LambReared and slaughtered on the Gower Peninsula the vegetation on the salt marshes gives the lamb a very distinct flavour.
Herdwick LambLamb grazed and produced locally in Cumbria and slaughtered between eight and twelve months of age.
Stilton CheeseWhite and blue stilton is limited to being produced in Leicestershire, Lincolnshire, and Nottinghamshire, using tradition techniques, the finished cheese has a minimum fat content of forty-eight percent.
West Country Farmhouse CheddarAwarded in 1996 and restricted to traditional manufacture cheese produced, processed, and prepared in Dorset, Somerset, Cornwall and Devon.
Cornish Clotted CreamMust be manufactured from milk produced exclusively in Cornwall and containing a minimum butterfat content of fifty-five percent.
Jersey Royal PotatoesPotatoes grown on the island of Jersey from the original Royal Jersey fluke stock. ( See Recipe )
Forced Yorkshire RhubarbTraditional grown in dark houses within the Rhubarb Triangle towns of Wakefield, Bradford, and Leeds. ( See Recipe )
Fal OystersOysters caught from tradition fishing boats between the start of October and end of March in and around Truro and Falmouth harbours and from the Fal, Truro and Tresillian rivers.
Anglesey Sea SaltTraditionally manufactured salt from the Menai Straights separating Anglesey from the Welsh mainland.
English WineWine produced in England in designated areas that meets standards pertaining to alcohol content, and methods of acidification and sweetening.

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