Massaman Curry Paste

Massaman curry is believed to originate with Muslim traders in Thailand mixing elements of their own culture and local ingredients. In fact, the name is thought to derive from Muslim and to this day it is mostly made with chicken and beef but not pork which is forbidden in Islamic dietary laws. . It is … Continue reading Massaman Curry Paste

Brown mustard seeds


Mustard is made from the seeds of various varieties of mustard plant which are black, brown or white. Mustard plants can be grown all year round, except in areas of extreme cold winters. The plants are fast growing, reaching up to three meters, with bright yellow flowers in the shape of a cross. Mustard seeds are used in cooking and preparing the popular condiment. Mustard seeds have a range of flavours from sweet to hot and pungent.

Ground Paprika


The distinctively coloured Paprika is ground from dried Capsicum peppers and is often smoked giving a rich, earthy flavour. Paprika ranges from the mild, sweet and smoky to quite hot and very pungent. Paprika is used in Spanish, where it is known as pimentón, as an ingredient in Chorizo, in North African and Indian cooking but is most famously identified with Hungarian goulash