The distinctively coloured Paprika is ground from dried Capsicum peppers and is often smoked giving a rich, earthy flavour. Paprika ranges from the mild, sweet and smoky to quite hot and very pungent. Paprika is used in Spanish cooking, where it is known as pimentón, and as a key ingredient in Chorizo, it is used in North African and Indian cooking but is most famously identified with Hungarian goulash, a traditional stew with onions, paprika, and sour cream. The flavours of Paprika pair well with beef, cheese, potatoes, chicken, and pork.

Ground Paprika

Paprika is graded in Hungarian and Spanish cuisine and includes mild, mildly spicy and spicy in Spanish cooking and delicate, rose, strong and five others in Hungarian cooking. These vary in colour, flavour and heat and may or may not be smoked. China is now the world’s largest producer of sweet paprika used as a common colouring foodstuff.


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